June 29, 2022

Who Is the Sovereign Individual?

Each Sovereign Individual is unique, but we are all aligned on intentionality and personal responsibility.

Who Is the Sovereign Individual?

We live in an increasingly complex world full of over-stimulation, propaganda, and endless consumption. Most people are easily influenced by marketers and social engineers on what to think, value, desire, and buy. This allows others to succeed with useless products and forces people to trade their hard-earned resources for things they don't actually need or even want.

Just consider how many things you spend money and time on that don't truly align with your goals and values.

Those who are at the mercy of these systemic agendas are not self-sovereign or self-directed. They tend to be reactive, unintentional, and never seem to achieve the outcomes they want from life. They exist within a manufactured Reality Framework imposed upon them by external forces seeking power or profit.

In contrast, the Sovereign Individual navigates their world effectively on their own terms. They reject the mainstream social narratives and carefully craft their own framework instead. This individual is proactive and intentional, taking full personal responsibility for their life and outcomes.

The Sovereign Individual curates their inputs very selectively to avoid manipulation. They question pervasive narratives and think critically for themselves. They spend time and money only on what truly aligns with their own values and goals. They are aware of the agendas and distractions that derail most people.

As a result of this self-sovereignty, they are able to shape the world to their liking and design a fulfilling, intentional life. They attract the people, opportunities, and resources they need to thrive. Their abundant life overflows to benefit their communities and they are able to advance causes larger than themselves.

We build our community for these Sovereign Individuals because we know that by forming an alliance of people who play the game of life at the highest level, we can create amazing outcomes together.