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Where authentic connection leads to productive collaboration.

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The sovereign Individuals

The Sovereign Individual is one who strives to play the game of life at the highest level. We are intentional about shaping our realities, creating impact, and maximizing our life experiences.

SVRN Membership is designed for capitalized founders and accredited investors who are proactive about building relationships and growing their businesses.

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a new era of venture building

To support the next generation of founders and investors, SVRN nurtures authentic relationships within our social community, where trust and friendship lead to collaboration and investment.

We believe that all ships rise with the tide, and our mission is to create a social-professional community that elevates everyone's abilities to invest, access resources, and build the future.

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Vetted Network

Founders and investors progress through a specific interview process to assess professional caliber and alignment with our values of authenticity, integrity, and collaboration.


Intentional Experiences

Members access a diverse social calendar with multiple monthly events including intimate dinners, Brunch Forums, Investor Symposiums, and more. Experiences are oriented around intellect and wellness.


Connection & Collaboration

The experience is optimized for fulfilling friendships and productive collaborations among a circle of leaders and innovators. We believe that trust and friendship are the key inputs to professional success.


meet our members

Gary Kawesch, MD

Founder of LA Vitality

Valerie Yang, CFP

Senior Director of Investments at Oppenheimer

Aloe Blacc

Artist and Biotech Founder

Luke Barwikowski

Founder of Pixels.xyz

Meagan Marcuccilli, MD

Co-Founder of RxTreat

Zhen Cao

Angel Investor and Partner at Republic

Adam Berns

Principal at Berns Properties

Tracy Ryan

Co-Founder of NKore Biotherapeutics

Jonathan Hung

Managing Partner at Entrepreneur Ventures

Fernanda Carapinha

Founder and CEO at WE Global

Samy Kamkar

Co-Founder of Openpath Security Inc.