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An ecosystem blending community, curriculum, syndicate, and venture studio.

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The sovereign leaders

The Sovereign Individual is one who strives to play the game of life at the highest level. They are intentional about shaping their realities, creating impact, and maximizing their human experience.

About Us

Join a community of diverse-minded entrepreneurs and investors

Members are evaluated on a combination of professional merit and personal character, enjoying rich social programming and fulfilling friendships.

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Vetted Network

Members progress through a double interview process based on their professional caliber and alignment with our values of authenticity, integrity, and collaboration.


Intentional Experiences

Members access a diverse social calendar with 3-5 events per month including intimate dinners, intellectual experiences, wellness activities, networking events, parties, and more.


Connection & Collaboration

The experience is optimized for fulfilling friendships and productive collaborations among a circle of leaders and innovators. We believe that trust and friendship are the key inputs to professional success.


the circle

Sajag Agarwal

Founder of Movley

Cynthia Ferngren

Founder of BrandSol Agency

Aloe Blacc

Artist and Biotech Founder

Mika Onishi

Partner at Portal VP

Zhen Cao

Angel Investor and Partner at Republic

Gaylynn Baker

TikTok Influencer and Film Director

Dale Wang

Family Office and Hedge Fund Manager

Luke Barwikowski

Founder of