SVRN is crafted to foster authentic social connection and productive collaboration for a vetted network of entrepreneurs and investors.

Vision and Roadmap

We Started By Solving Our Own Problem

There is a lack of real social connection in our society, and the typical activities center around consumption and small talk.

We wanted depth, growth, and fulfillment with a vetted group of people we can connect and collaborate with.

Vision and Roadmap

Our intention is to build a "growth ecosystem" where entrepreneurs and investors can connect authentically, expand their minds, collaborate, and access resources.

We believe that this will offer the same value propositions as higher education, accelerator programs, and social clubs in a more intentional, fun, and resource-efficient format.
Throughout this journey, we strive to spread the message of the Sovereign Lifestyle to the world.


We Are All Artists

The businesses we build and invest in are our creations. The line between work and play is blurred. As Sovereign Individuals, we view our work as art, and we believe that there's nothing better than creating art with our friends.




A core pillar of fulfillment is authenticity. We want members and friends who are true to themselves, share their ideas, and are aligned in what they think and what they project.



In friendships and partnerships, trust is a key ingredient. Being empathetic, caring about other's outcomes, and doing what you say you're going to do are important for building a trusted circle.



Authenticity and integrity lead to collaboration. When we lead with value, we receive so much more. By seeking win-win-wins, we can create great outcomes for entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers.