June 29, 2022

Objective vs Perceived Reality

We must learn to differentiate and navigate each effectively.

Objective vs Perceived Reality

There are two types of reality we must contend with - objective and perceived.

Objective reality is what is physically happening in the universe independent of observation. Waves are resonating, particles are vibrating, and photons are moving - regardless of anyone being there to see it. The Earth orbits the Sun as it has for billions of years. This is reality as it exists beyond human experience.

Perceived reality is our subjective human experience of what is happening. It’s how we interpret and feel about objective reality through the filter of our senses, beliefs, and past experiences. While we have little power to alter objective reality, we are in control of our perceived reality. The same event can be perceived in endlessly different ways by different people.

A pessimist may perceive reality negatively, viewing the world as dangerous and unjust. A realist tries to see things as they objectively are, though ultimately still filtered through a human lens. An optimist sees the world positively, full of potential and excitement.

None of these approaches are inherently right or wrong. However, we can choose to cultivate the most effective perceived reality in terms of supporting our well-being and goals. The Sovereign Individual creates their own optimal Reality Framework.

It’s not effective to believe you are the greatest at something on day one. But it is useful to see your full potential to get there. It’s not effective to pretend everything is perfect. But it is useful to see challenges as growth opportunities.

An effective perceived reality helps you see clearly, take the right actions, give off the right energy, and manifest your goals. It aligns with objective reality but serves your aims.

By being intentional about your Reality Framework, you can play the game of life at a higher level - with confidence, openness to growth, the ability to attract the right opportunities and people, and ultimately, greater success.

Ask yourself, what is the most effective perceived reality for you to cultivate?